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Areas of Practice

Civil and Criminal Litigation

The firm has extensive litigation and trial experience by a team of experienced and innovative attorneys. We are dedicated to delivering cost-effective legal services with optimal results. As a mid-sized firm, we have a depth of attorney resources to apply when specific fields of expertise are required.

This practice includes the defense of clients in such diverse matter as wrongful discharge, lender liability, and litigation involving commercial contracts, secured transactions and negotiable instruments as well as criminal matters. 

Coneyancing law

Regarding to transfer of Immoveable property, our firm can prepare the sale deeds, registration of sale deed, and mutation of the name of the land holder.

Corporate and Commercial

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures and strategic alliances are a viable option for Company expansion and entry into different markets but can be fraught with several problems including shared management, tax planning, capital and funding, regulatory issues, intellectual property rights, commercial goals and the procedure on termination. The firm can assist with the formation of domestic and international joint venture corporations and disputes arising out of similar alliances.

We can provide advice and representation on the far reaching impact of the use of appropriate legal documentation including letters of intent, confidentiality agreements , shareholders agreements, deadlock, company constitutional documentation and the ancillary contracts associated with the alliance to ensure that the intention of the parties and their goals are adequately implemented and that the rights of either the parent companies or the minority shareholders are not marginalized.


  • Agency
  • General commercial matters.
  • Contract negotiation and drafting.
  • Conditions of sale.
  • Franchises.
  • Joint ventures in the oil and gas industry.
  • Manufacturing agreements.
  • Marketing agreements.
  • Partnership Law disputes.


  • Review of Articles and Memoranda of Association.
  • Company law advice.
  • Company Formations in offshore jurisdictions.
  • Share issues, transfers and subscriptions.
  • Advice on Shareholder agreements.

Family Law

We provide advice and representation in the following areas;

  • separation and judicial separation .
  • divorce petition grounds.
  • financial matters arising out of separation or divorce.
  • Cohabitation and premarital contracts.

Where children were involved, our areas of advice and assistance included:

  • Custody issues and maintenance payments towards the children.
  • Residency issues.
  • Contact order issues.
  • Wardship and guardianship issues.

Intellectual Property law 

With regard to IP law, our law firm can provide services of registration and protection of the Declaration of the ownership of the Trademark and Trade name, caution for both legal and foreign proprietors.

The firm can assist to identify relevant IP rights and infringements associated with various rights to effect the protection and exploitation of the rights domestically and internationally and can assist to resolve disputes through negotiation or through the various specialist courts based on the applicable domestic legislation.

Labour law

In case of the company encounters against labor dispute, we facilitate the company to negotiate with the workers and, if it requires, representing at the arbitration to settle the dispute.

Our law firm also represents the defendants in the context of employment related matters, including discrimination and wrongful termination cases.